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BodyPaint –Calligraphy on skin

[ concept ]

I got the idea for my body painting works from the Western tattoo culture.
In Japan, tattoo has rather an antisocial image because it has been popular among gangsters; for instance, those who have tattoos on their skin are not allowed to enter public baths or training gyms.
But in Europe and America tattoos don’t have such a negative image, I heard. As I looked over today’s western tattoos, I found ones of Japanese and Chinese words. Sometimes their meanings are strange and typefaces are used for design. I thought I could create better ones with genuine East Asian calligraphy.
That’s the main motive of writing words on the human body as a canvas. I put emphasis on the combination of the beauty of traditional calligraphy and the meanings of written words. These unique photos have been created with elaborate lighting as well.

Gratify(S) 25×35
Year after year 50×70Flutter 50×70
Dance 50×70Beauty 50×70
Delightful 50×70Gratify 50×70

Moment 60×40Reverential 60×40

character carving

Carve ancient Chinese character  篆刻字

[ concept ]

 These are works magnifying the art of Chinese seal carving as well as presenting it in three dimensions.
In seal carving, generally, we appreciate an imprint of the seal, where the work is presented in two dimensions. Keen edged lines and three-dimensional composition are essential elements of the art. However, the size of a seal is less than 4 inches at maximum, which cannot give much impact to those who unfamiliar with the art form.
That’s why I tried this new form using plaster. The vivid red lacquer makes a beautiful contrast with the pure white of plaster. Roughly engraved lines with shadows may give a fresh taste a bit different from the original seal carving.

bravely behavior 40×30

Life as long as a mountain; happiness as endless as the sea 55×55

Gentlemen neither worries nor fears 65×30


Eternal life 180×45

Roling 80×80

Fill with love 30×20

Art 40×35

Bloom 35×25

brilliant 35×25

delightful 25×17

clear 25×17

Brilliant plums 55×45

Joyful 15×25

Year after year 15×25

exhaustless 15×25

refreshing breeze 15×25

At will 15×25

Seal carving

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